Ordering Tips

Want to get the most from your story? Here are some suggestions that will help you express what you want more easily.


Be free with details, both sexual and non. Is the person noisy during orgasm? Is there a position he or she likes best - or least? Mention a few of the reader's favorite foods, pastimes, music, sports, movies, or colors so our writers can weave that in somehow. You'll get a much more personalized story.

…Consider whether your story will fit in the word count you select. Looking over our samples will give you a good idea of how much can fit into stories of various word-lengths. A Quickie, for example, cannot tell the same kind of epic story that even a 3,000-word story can—it's best when you want to describe a scene, or write a letter, or capture a moment. A 1,500-word story also has its limitations. If you aren't sure, by all means contact us.

…Keep in mind that if you want your 1500, 3000 or 5000-word story in less than three weeks, you will need to indicate "rush" on the order form. Quickies take one week to ten days to complete, so unless you need it even sooner than that, there's no need to indicate "rush" if you need a Quickie, well, quickly.

…Read the FAQs.


…Assume everybody finds the same thing sexy. Telling us, for example, that you "like everything" will not help us narrow things down for you, nor will it ultimately get you what you really want. Please be as specific as you possibly can so we'll know for certain what you like.

 …Think you have to give us a fully realized story. Remember: we enjoy surprising you with your own fantasies! We can take the smallest morsel of a story (a setting, a sexual position, an emotion, a circumstance) and craft it into a tale with a beginning and an end. That's what you're paying for, so please don't feel you need to come to us with a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

 Now, go forth and order your story!