Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After more than TWELVE years in business, these are the questions most frequently posed to us. So, chances are pretty high that you'll find your answers here, but if not, please feel free to ASK us directly. 


How long will the story take to be written?

Quickies (500 words) are normally finished in one week to ten days. Stories require anywhere from three to six weeks to complete. (A 1500-word story will take three or four weeks, a 3,000-word story will take four to six weeks, and a 5,000-word story will take approximately six weeks.) If you need your story sooner you can request "Quick Delivery" as you place your story into the shopping cart.

Is my request confidential?

All details of your order, from personal disclosures to credit card information, are kept private. We do not release it to anybody under any circumstances. Your credit card information is encrypted and transmitted with SSL servers. The transfer of this information is secure and cannot be received or read by others. CES does not retain your credit card number once the transaction is completed.

What are your privacy policies?

None of the information you provide is ever disclosed to any third party, at any time, under any circumstances. Paypal handles our credit card transactions and they are the only entity other than CES that ever sees or handles your information. We neither sell nor share our customer list for marketing purposes.

In what form will I get my story?

You will receive your story by email in PDF format.  Optionally, your story can be beautifully printed in a custom handmade booklet. You can also order an audio CD to accompany the booklet.

Can I get a proof copy to review?

Most people like to be surprised by the final product, but if you request we'll email a draft of your story for you to review before we prepare the final PDF,  booklet and audio CD.

What is the process for ordering and receiving the story?

    1. Start with My Stories on the main menu.
    2. Create a username for free.
    3. Specify your fantasy story details by filling out our helpful form.
    4. Decide how long you want your story to be and add it to the cart.
    5. Decide if you want your story printed in an optional hand-crafted booklet, or an optional custom recorded CD. Add these to your cart too.
    6. Place your order.
    7. Answer any quesitons posed by the author.
    8. Receive your story


Do I need to know exactly what I want in a story?

No, you don't. We receive many orders where clients have only a scene or a setting or even a character in mind. Our job is to transform those pieces into a story—that's what you pay us to do and we're happy about that. We get our jollies surprising you with your own fantasies. But if you'd like some help expressing what you'd like, please go to our story ordering tips page.

Do I need to answer all the questions on your questionnaire?

Well, actually, you don't have to answer any of them, but what kind of story would you get? After much trial, error, and research, those questions are the absolute minimum that can be asked and still result in a story that meets your needs. So, yes, you can choose to ignore some of the questions, but you may end up sacrificing some juicy story details by doing so.

Do you write gay, lesbian, and/or bisexual stories?

Definitely! We write about all orientations and from any perspective.

Can I tell you more than what your form asks for?

Absolutely. We'd much rather have more information than less. We can always discard whatever information doesn't seem all that relevant for your story, but we like to have as much as you want to give us—it helps us understand what's important to you.

What if I don't like the story?

We will fix it. Every story comes with one free revision. If you don't like your story, we will become quite submissive and seek to please you via whatever means appear to be necessary. In case we haven't been clear about this, we want you to be satisfied.

How do I get customized illustrations with my story? Do I have to contact the artist?

Once you place your order indicating that you'd like customized illustrations, we notify the artist you selected and share the story details with him or her and we ask them to contact you to iron out details. So, CES will be in touch with you about the story itself and the artist will communicate with you about the artwork. When the artwork is finished, it is sent to CES and we incorporate it into the final story.

Can I see the story before it gets sent to the person for whom I commissioned it?

Yes, this can be arranged. Just let us know that you'd like to see the draft before it is finalized for mailing. We will then e-mail it to you for your approval and make any changes you require.

Who owns the rights to the stories you write for clients?

Custom Erotica Source owns the rights to all stories it creates.

What kinds of questions do you ask on the order form?

Here are some of the questions you'll be asked about your story:

  •  What are the first names of the players in this fantasy?
  •   Physical characteristics of the players that are most important to your story (for instance: hair, eyes, build, breast or penis size; anything that the writers need to know or mention)
  •  Is there a setting or situation the reader would like for these players?
  •  What do you most want to see happen to these characters?
  •  What level of graphic detail will the reader prefer: -Romantic -Naughty -Filthy
  •  Please provide some information about the intended reader of this story: -Gender -Sexual preference -Reading preference
  •  Are there any specific stimuli that this story should be sure to include? (Body types, fetishes, positions, racial characteristics, words that are either preferred or objectionable.)


Do you write politically correct, sexually responsible erotica?

We did at first, until the complaints starting rolling in! Seems there's little allure to a fantasy that includes condoms and dental dams. So, we no longer include them unless the client asks for them. We write stories like it's 1970.

Are there any content or subject taboos you won't touch?

Our big four no-no's are:

1.            Underage characters witness to or participating in sexual situations

2.            Violent, non-consensual sex

3.            Incest

4.            Bestiality

If you aren't certain whether your request will be acceptable, please write and ask us before submitting your order.