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First Name 

Physical Characteristics 


6'4",brown hair,hazel eyes, bicyclers legs, big cock


5'3",blonde hair, blue eyes, very sensitive natural breasts, very multi-orgasmic, sex positive, likes to lead or follow depend on the need and her mood.

Chris and Deb


Setting & Situation 

It’s a cold mountain evening in Colorado in winter.

Setting is Chris and Deb’s house, with hot tub outside in the back of the house. There is only the light from the fiber optic tub lights. The tub can be seen from several windows in the house and anyone who walks around the backside of the house.

Jon and Mary are at Chris and Deb’s house in the hot tub with Deb. Chris is working late so he’s not there.

Deb gets out of hot tub and goes into the kitchen to start dinner for Chris.   When Chris gets home, he does not walk around the house, he goes in the front.


Tone and attitudes of characters

Very relaxed when Mary, Jon, and Deb are in the tub.  But Jon and Mary get very horny when Deb leaves.


Most Important 

What do you most want to see happen to these characters?

Mary and Jon have sex in the tub with Deb just inside the house.

Breast Play, Cunnilingus, Intercourse, and fellatio finish.  Considerate couple try to keep Jon’s cum out of the hot tub.

Specific Stimuli 

Are there any specific stimuli that this story should be sure to include? (Body types, fetishes, positions, racial or other characteristics, words that are either preferred or objectionable.)

Mary really likes to suck and swallow cum. Jon really loves to see Mary cum and loves the taste of her pussy. All of this is in sex positive, loving and lustful.

Graphic Level 

Romantic, Naughty, Filthy?


Reader’s Gender 




Sample Story


By Kendra Wayne


The hot tub bubbled gently, steam wafting into the winter air through the branches of the surrounding Colorado pines.

Mary sighed.  “Deb, this is wonderful.  Thanks again for having us over.”

“My pleasure,” replied Deb.  “When Chris’s not home, I welcome any excuse to soak.”  She picked up her watch from the deck.  “Which reminds me, he’s going to be home soon.  I’d better start dinner.  You guys relax out here.”

Once Deb was inside Jon and Mary started kissing.  He had been driving Mary crazy by stroking her inner thigh, his actions hidden by the bubbles.  Now she responded by squeezing his hard cock.

The fiber optics illuminated the tub and they knew Deb would be able to see them from the window if she glanced out.  They were in danger of being caught, but they couldn’t help themselves.

Now Jon straddled his lover, tweaking and caressing her nipples.  She was so sensitive that he didn’t need to remove her bikini top.  She moaned, her blue eyes fluttering shut.  His big cock pulsed against her hands, exciting her even more.

“Sit on the edge of the tub,” Jon requested.  Mary perched on the edge.  With her back to the house, she mostly blocked Deb’s view of Jon in the water between her spread legs.  He pushed aside her bikini bottom and dove in, feasting on her moist pussy.  The feel of his tongue against her clit was heavenly, and when he slid two fingers inside her, she clenched and came.

“I need to fuck you,” he said.  He loved watching her cum and now his cock was so hard it almost hurt.  Mary slid back into the water and knelt on the bench.  He was a foot taller than her so the seat was the perfect height.

Still tasting her fragrant juices on his lips, he slid into her tight pussy rhythmically using his muscular bicyclist’s legs to propel himself.  Mary shuddered and climaxed again, her blonde head thrown back.

“We probably shouldn’t get cum all over their tub,” suggested Mary as she sensed Jon’s impending explosion.  “Plus I really want to suck you off.”  She loved to drive Jon crazy until he shot into her mouth.

As he sat on the edge of the tub, they heard a car door slam.  If Chris walked around the house, he’d catch them.  That thought added to their delicious urgency.

Mary filled her mouth with Jon’s cock.  Her pussy juices mingled with the taste of chlorine, but she didn’t care.  She bobbed up and down, her lips tight around him.  With her other hand, she lightly squeezed his balls.

“Yes!” Jon’s voice was hoarse as he cried out and spurted into her mouth.  Mary swallowed every drop and grinned, wiping her lips.

“Hey guys—dinner’s ready,” Deb called from back door.

“Do you think they saw us?” Jon asked as he pulled his suit back on.

“If they did, I hope they enjoyed it,” Mary answered, laughing.




** END **