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First Name 

Physical Characteristics 


Blue eyes 


Blue eyes. Long blonde hair, very suckable nipples, keeps her pussy shaved, w/ only a "landing strip". 







Setting & Situation

they meet for the first time..hang out in a tiki bar, having drinks..teasing each other sexually..building tension...end up making love on the beach

The atmosphere at the end of the story should include a full moon  ...after a beautiful sunset!


Tone and attitudes of characters

free spirited


Most Important

What do you most want to see happen to these characters?

after being online lovers for quite some time, we finally meet..& do all the things we talk/fantasize about.

Specific Stimuli

Are there any specific stimuli that this story should be sure to include? (Body types, fetishes, positions, racial or other characteristics, words that are either preferred or objectionable.)

both love oral sex.multible orgasms.missionary, woman on top & doggie style.hand holding...from soft to KIND of rough.looking into each others eyes.

Graphic Level

Romantic, Naughty, Filthy?


Reader’s Gender





Sample Story


                                                        By Lisabet Sarai

 It had to be Jenny.  The setting sun was behind her as she climbed from the beach to the deck, so I couldn't see her face, but the blonde locks tumbling over her shoulders matched her picture.  Anyway, she moved the way she chatted: relaxed, open, free, and sensual, without the slightest trace of self-consciousness. 

She paused, scanning the bar.  Ruddy light streamed through the gauzy material of her dress, turning it translucent.  I could see the outline of her lithe body, her strong legs, the sweet curves of her breasts and her hips.  My cock thickened at the sight, so much more arousing than the static images she had shared, and my heart started to race.  I couldn't believe I was doing this.  She might be relaxed but I was nervous as hell.

“Alex?”  She made her way to my table without hesitation.  I rose, awkward because of the growing lump in my pants, and held out my hand.

“Jenny!  I'm so glad you could come.”  She grasped my outstretched hand, but rather than shaking it she used it to pull me towards her.  Her pillow-soft breasts pressed deliciously against my chest as she settled her lips on mine.  She kept the kiss chaste for all of five seconds before she pushed her tongue into my mouth.  After a moment of shock, I returned her passion.  She wore a light, sharp scent― lilac, I  thought― and tasted like licorice.  My cock felt like iron.  I worried that she'd feel it poking into her belly.  When she reached between us to fondle it I gasped at her audacity as much as from the sensations. 

“Jenny,” I whispered.  “Remember, we're in public.”  She stroked me one last time then released me, gazing up at me with a mischievous grin.  Now I could admire her lovely face: gleaming blue eyes under arched brows shades darker than her hair, high cheekbones dusted with a few freckles, a firm chin and those kissable lips.  They trembled as she tried to hold back her laughter.

“You said that you wanted to fuck me in public,” she murmured.  “Weren't you telling the truth?” At the same time, clearly sensing my discomfort, she backed off, lowering her graceful form into the chair next to mine.  I seated myself beside her, glad of the chance to hide my raging erection.  For a moment I just stared at her hungrily.  Jenny, my online lover, the only woman I'd ever met whose dirty mind matched mine, was actually here with me― in the flesh.

“That was just a fantasy,” I said finally.  The blood pulsed in my cock.  I was almost ready to throw her to the floor and tear her clothes off. 

She leaned forward, giving me a glimpse of creamy cleavage.  Her diaphanous sundress made it clear that she wore no bra.  Her plump nipples pushed against the thin fabric.  My mouth watered at the sight. 

“Isn't that why we're here?  To fulfill our fantasies?  That's why I'm here, anyway.”

“Yes― um― well, of course.  But― I've never done anything like this before.  I mean, I've never tried to connect in person with someone I met online.”

“Neither have I, Alex.  You're special.” Her thigh pressed against mine as our fingers entwined.  “I trust you.”

I think I blushed.  My cheeks felt as though I'd had too much sun.  I twirled the pastel umbrella in my Mai Tai.  “Thank you.  Do you want a drink?”  I looked around for the waiter.  The sun was a fiery globe sinking into the sea. 

“Not really.  I'd rather drink your cum.” 

Had she really said that?  Not in a whisper, either.  I was speechless.

“I said I trust you, Alex.  I believe that, once you get over your nervousness”― smiling, she brushed her fingers across the bulge in my lap― “you're going to do all those things to me that we talked about.  Lick my pussy until I scream for mercy.  Fuck my mouth with that big cock of yours.  Take me doggie style, like the slut that I am.  Slip your hands under my skirt in a restaurant or a shopping mall, in the middle of a crowd, and finger me until I cum all over you.”

My balls tightened.  I was worried that I'd spurt right there, just from her nasty talk.

“You could do it now,” she said, her kissable lips twitching with amusement.  She spread her thighs and I caught a whiff of her hot musk.  “I'm not wearing panties, you know.”

I groaned.  The couple at the next table gave me a curious glance.  “Jenny, you're outrageous.”

Her laugh was like tinkling bells.  “I am, aren't I?  But I know you love it.”

“I do.” My enthusiasm was starting to overcome my concerns for propriety.  Dusk was falling, though sunset still blazed on the horizon, glorious layers of orange, purple and pink.  The staff flitted about in their Hawaiian shirts, lighting the tiki torches.  I signaled for my check.  “Why don't we get out of here?  Take a walk on the beach?”

“Great minds think alike.”  She held up her woven straw beach bag.  “I brought a blanket.”

“Minx.” Taking her arm, I helped her down the wooden steps.  I leaned closer as we reached the sand.  “Slut,” I murmured in her ear.

“Mm,” she said, kicking off her sandals.“  I like the sound of that.”  She bent to pick up her shoes and I watched the floral print dress mold itself to the luscious curves of her ass.  I could barely keep my hands still.  I itched to stroke those tempting globes.  Then I realized that's what she wanted.  I palmed her cheeks through the fabric, kneading the firm flesh.  A shiver ran through her.  “Oh, Alex,” she said, apparently breathless.  “How I want you!”

We kissed again.  The last vestiges of sunset turned her skin to gold.  “I love your lips,” she told me.  “They're so ripe, so sensual.  I can't wait to feel them on my pussy.”

“Me, too.”  I thought that I sounded like an idiot, but really, I didn't care.  I felt the heat of her desire, smelled it in the waves of musk coming from her.  Nothing mattered but to touch her, everywhere, as soon as I could. 

We strolled hand in hand along the packed sand.  She pointed to tumbled pile of rock ahead of us.  “There's a cove around that headland.  Beautiful.  And private.” 

“I thought you wanted me to take you in a crowd,” I teased.  But I understood.  This first time, we needed to be alone, to explore each other without fear of interruption. 

We had to wade a bit to skirt the outcrop.  Then there it was, a perfect crescent of white sand, shielded by walls of stone but open to the sea.  “God, it's gorgeous!  How did you know?  Have you been here before?”  A little spark of jealousy sizzled through me.  She'd said I was the first...

“Google Earth,” she answered with a grin.  She shook out the blanket then knelt on it, beckoning me.  She grabbed for my zipper.  “It's incredible what you can find on the Internet.”

“Yeah...” my response began.  It ended with a gasp as she swallowed my cock to the root. 

No teasing for my Jenny.  None of those licks and nips, tongue-tip fluttering across the bulb, tiny touches that drive a man crazy.  Not this time, at least.  She was hungry and she knew that I was, too.  She swallowed and then she sucked, hard, sealing her lips in a tight 'O' around my shaft.  I felt my cum beginning to boil from the wet heat of her mouth. 

I tangled my fingers in her silky hair and urged her head back and forth, pushing my rod down her throat.  She opened, eagerly taking me deeper.  Lightning crackled up and down the length of my throbbing penis.  I was close already.  My balls tightened and twitched.  She wanted me to let go, wanted to drink my cum just as she'd said.  It was tempting, but I held back.  The longer I waited, the more intense it would be.  

I eased myself out of her mouth.  Her small sound of disappointment only made me harder.  “I need to taste you, baby.  Lie down.” 

Jenny didn't need a second invitation.  She pulled her dress over her head and tossed it onto a rock.  Underneath she was naked, as she'd promised, and far sexier than in the naughty pictures she'd sent me.

I shucked off my own clothing, then settled down between her spread thighs.  She was shaved, just as she'd described, with one narrow brunet strip decorating her labia.  I brushed my fingertips over the baby-soft skin of her pubis.  She moaned and squirmed.  Her ocean scent rose from those moist, pink folds.  I parted them with gentle fingers and swiped the flat of my tongue along her cleft. 

“Oh...oh...Alex...darling...”   In contrast to her oral assault, I took my time.  I swirled my tongue around her clit then rocked the rosy nub back and forth like a little joystick.  I stabbed into her depths, gathering her salty juices.  I fluttered across her rear pucker.  She bucked and writhed under me, forcing my face deep into her pussy. 

I worked her harder, using lips, tongue and occasionally teeth.  I devoured her.  I felt the tension in her limbs as she came closer to climax.  Fastening my mouth on her tender clit, I sucked hard.  Her back arched.  She screamed, her cries echoing through the grotto.  Fresh liquid gushed from her, painting my face as I continued to eat her. 

She went limp for a moment.  I kept sucking, a bit more gently.  Before long she was grinding her pussy against my nose once more, making little yelps each time I wriggled her clit.  Without warning she clamped her thighs around my neck and came again.  Her muscles twitched under my lips as the convulsions in her pussy died away. 

This time I allowed her some respite.  I sat back on my heels and watched an expression of peace settle on her face.  My cock throbbed, aching to be touched, but for the moment I ignored it.  She opened her eyes and I saw something there, behind the blaze of lust.  Something rare and exquisite.

I settled my body on top of hers.  My cock slid into her soaked pussy like a key into a lock, a glorious, perfect fit.  She locked her ankles behind my back and moved with me as I plunged into her again and again.  I knew what she wanted― it was what I wanted, too. 

I rammed into her, hard and fast, deep as I could.  She arched up, wanting it deeper, clawing at my shoulders and growling like a wild animal.  Her cunt was a seething wet tunnel that clung to my cock like a second skin.  I couldn't get enough.  I fucked her with everything I had and she took it, begged for it, yelled for me to fuck her until she couldn't stand, couldn't think.  I closed my eyes and ravaged her, feeling her every trembling response. 

The cum gathered in my balls, pushing up.  Jenny clenched her muscles around my swollen dick, trying to milk the jism from me.  I didn't want it to end, but now Jenny was calling the shots.  Her talented pussy played my dick like a flute.  Irresistible pleasure surged through me.  I exploded, filling her tight hole with my cum.  The tension in her body snapped and she came too, jerking under me and wringing new spurts from my still-hard cock. 

Everything was suddenly quiet.  There was only our breathing and the soft whisper of the waves against the shore.  A full moon hung above, a benevolent face observing our lust.  Jenny's eyes gleamed with reflected gold. 

The words “I love you Jenny” escaped uncontrollably from my lips.  She reached up to stroke my cheek and whispered breathlessly “… and I love you too.”  I laid my ear on her full breast, listening to her heartbeat, my penis still cradled in her warm pussy.  Connected.


** END **