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Room Service 


First Name 

Physical Characteristics 


5' 4" dark brown hair, 34C breasts that are perky, tight stomach...heart shaped ass and amazing legs. She has a phoenix tattoo on her hip that goes down to her leg. A flower tattoo above her pussy and one on her back.  Shaved.  white

Bill (Mr. Hunter)

6' 3" dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. athletic hints of a six pack stomach. scruffy face. shaved balls and a thick 8 inch cock. white

one other female


big breasts. tall and thin.  white and blonde

Setting & Situation 

maybe a hotel but definitely some kinky stuff


Tone and attitudes of characters

in real life Missy is submissive and bisexual. she loves to have her orgasms controlled, tied, up teased, denied, flogged, spanked, suspended,. Bill is the dominant of the two and gets off on teasing and pleasing her pleasure and pain and keeping her right on the edge for extended periods of time. loves to go down on her

Most Important 

What do you most want to see happen to these characters?

Missy should be teased and denied and tied up by Bill.  Toys are good too...  A new girl should be introduced somehow and Missy should be dominant in getting her needs fulfilled..

Specific Stimuli 

Are there any specific stimuli that this story should be sure to include? (Body types, fetishes, positions, racial or other characteristics, words that are either preferred or objectionable.)

Missy should suck the other girl’s large breasts.

Missy is submissive and loves spanking, teasing, orgasm denial, control, flogging, being tied up.  She loves doggie style.  Missy should wear a strap on to fuck the additional player girl.

Bill loves asses and going down on girls...gets off on teasing them and controlling their orgasms. They all do cum and cum hard but likes to keep them on the edge.

Graphic Level 

Romantic, Naughty, Filthy?


Reader’s Gender 





Sample Story

Room Service

By Lee Hudson


“You skipped ahead,” Bill whispered, his voice hot and accusing in Missy’s ear.  Guilt jumped in her chest, and a warm flush of sexual heat.  “You cheated…” 

Missy groaned, sucked wetly at her lips.  There wasn’t much else she could do; Bill had her naked and bound, her hands cuffed helpless behind her back.  Her small weight rested on one bare foot; her other long, sleekly-muscled leg jutted out at a not-quite comfortable angle, held up by rope wound tightly around her knee.  The rope’s other end was tied to the knob on the opposite side of their room’s closet door.  The position kept Missy subtly off-balance; every other moment she was forced to hop or twist around, to ward off the feeling she was about to fall.  It kept distracting her from the luscious things Bill was doing to her body—the position also left her pussy very vulnerable to his fingers.  She was freshly shaven there; she could feel the hotel room’s cool, conditioned air on her pussy.  The sensation was deliciously sexy; it drove her nuts.

Bill’s body was warm and solid against hers; she couldn’t see him, but she knew his cock was hard and thick in his jeans, like eight inches of iron pipe.  She could sense it, as she could smell the spice of his cologne, and feel his fingers kneading at the firm globes of her ass, squeezing until she cried out and danced one-footed in a little skipping circle.  Her ass still stung from the sound paddling he’d given her not ten minutes before, and the pain of his fingers was delicious agony.

“I made you a deal.  Count to a hundred, and I’ll let you come.  Was that so hard?”  Bill’s voice was gentle.  It thrilled Missy to hear it, juiced her cunt like crazy.  He laughed, and tickled the swollen folds of her sex, teasing her until she wailed and tossed her dark hair in frustration.

Yes, she had cheated.  But it was so hard not to…even though she loved the pleasurable torture of his teasing, sometimes she just slipped.

“Shall we try again?”

“Yes, please…”

His fingers withdrew.  Their absence was awful.  “Yes what?”

“Yes, Mr. Hunter,” Missy whispered, lowering her eyes.  He liked it when she called him Mr. Hunter, and she liked it too; it made her feel small and submissive.  Like a secretary or a servant whose every move was watched.

“Start again, then,” he said, and his fingers came back, the tips of them playing feather-lightly over her clit until it swelled up and she was gasping the numbers, mumbling them instead of saying them clearly.

“If you do it right this time, maybe you’ll get a treat.”  Missy heard the smile in his voice.

It seemed impossible that she would ever make it to a hundred.  The numbers went on and on.  Twenty-five, twenty-six…

Her muscles ached.  She tried to focus on something…her tattoos usually worked.  Her Phoenix burned brightly on her upraised hip, like a reminder of the transcendence sex could bring.  And her flowers…matching blossoms on the small of her back and the place below her navel where her flesh was soft and slightly rounded, the sweet area above her pussy.  Her three tattoos worked together to ground her, to remind her of what her body could do.

“Eighty-two, eighty-three…” It startled her to hear her own voice.  As though sensing she had returned from her reverie, Bill introduced the tip of his index finger into her slit, a teasing promise of penetration. 

Rocking on her sore foot, Missy counted off the remaining numbers like a robot.  Ninety-one, ninety-two, ninety-three…

She made it, incredibly, to a hundred.  Suddenly, Bill’s fingers were not there.  “Bill?”  He was there but he was saying nothing.  She swallowed.  “Mr. Hunter?  Have I been a good girl?”

Someone knocked on the door.  Missy jumped as Bill began undoing her bonds. 

“Who is that?”  Missy was burning inside, agonizing.  But she knew this would be a new wrinkle to the game, one worth waiting for. 

“Go find out,” Bill smiled.

She limped a little as she moved to the door and swung it open.  A girl was standing there.  She was nearly as tall as Bill, close to six feet, and very slender.  Her blonde hair fell gleaming to her narrow shoulders.  The smile she offered Missy was sweetly submissive.  “I’m Kim,” she whispered.

Missy loved her.  The possibilities made her head spin.  “Come in,” she said, making sure Kim got a good look at her body.  “You brought something to wear?” she asked, nodding at the shopping bag in the blonde’s hand.  “Go head and get changed.” 

While Kim did as she was told, Missy went to Bill for a deep, hard kiss.  “I’m going to fuck her,” Bill told Missy.  “And then you get your candy.  But first…prepare her for me.”

Missy nodded, watching as Kim changed.  Her outfit was deliciously slutty: red and black and frilly with red stockings that showed off her long legs.  Missy went to her and touched her shoulders, let her hands trail over her arms down to her wrists.  She smiled at the other girl’s delighted sigh.  Kim was definitely a natural submissive.  She would be a joy to play with. 

“Show me your tits,” Missy said.  Kim immediately took down her top, allowing the perfect spheres of her boobs to peep out.  “What are you gonna do to them?” she asked shyly.  Grinning, Missy stepped up to her until their naked breasts met. 

“Hot candles,” she said, whispering the words a scant inch from Kim’s ear.  “Steel pincers.  Feathers with a good stiff edge.  Shut your eyes, honey.  And your mouth.”

Kim’s nips stiffened beautifully under Missy’s lips.  She washed the blonde’s tits with swirling, loving motions of her tongue, tasting her skin.   Kim whimpered, hissing and babbling nonsense as her nerves were set on fire.  Missy let her hand idly caress Kim’s thigh.  Eventually she was squeezing her ass.

“Get on the bed,” she purred.  “I’m going to fuck you.”

Kim obeyed immediately, arranging herself face-down on the bed with legs spread, her stocking feet braced on the rug.  Missy went and played with the thong of her underwear, tracing the line of it with one finger.  Kim gasped and murmured into the pillow, wriggling her ass. 


Artwork by John Paul Ballard

 Artwork by John Paul Ballard


“You like that?  You like my finger?”  Without waiting for a reply, Missy drew the thong aside, considering the puckered treasures of the blonde’s pussy and asshole.  She felt them up, just enough to ensure her that Kim’s rivers were flowing.  Then she turned to the assortment of toys arranged on the night table.  She was pleased to see Bill had brought her favorite strap-on.  “I’m going to fuck you with this,” she went on, fastening the harness around her hips.  “Look at it.”

Kim turned and looked at the wobbling length of latex with wet, hungry eyes.  She licked her lips. 

“Kiss it,” Missy said.  Kim’s wetted lips obeyed.   Then, not hurrying, Missy moved behind her and parted her pussy lips, guiding the strap-on’s head into place and sliding it home.  She shuddered violently as she half-withdrew, then pushed inward again.  The strap-on’s base did wonderful things to her clit.  

She saw Bill watching her, smiling.  He was naked now, idly stroking his cock as he moved behind Missy.  “Give me a turn,” he said.  “I want you to lick her while I give it to her.”

Missy needed no encouragement.   The idea of watching Bill fuck Kim was delicious in itself, and the opportunity to participate was even better.  She pulled out and unfastened the strap-on, leaving Kim’s pussy wet and stretched and ready for him.

While Bill slid his hard cock into his new toy, Missy positioned herself on the bed and amused herself by playing with Kim’s ass, prying the cheeks apart and licking them, sinking her teeth into them and covering their smooth flesh with hot kisses.  When Bill took a break from pumping her cunt, Missy pressed the moist folds of Kim’s labia together and ran her tongue over them.  She took special joy in sucking the other girl’s clit.

When Kim came, it was with a shudder and a growl whose vibrations seemed to shake through Missy’s entire being.  She could feel the other girl coming, knew her orgasm as intimately as she would one of her own.  Apparently it was the same for Bill; she watched with parted lips as he withdrew his cock, leaving Kim’s exhausted cunt flooded with white.

“Your turn,” Bill grinned.  “You up for it?”

“Always,” Missy smiled.  She took her place on the bed, on hands and knees.  Moments later Bill’s mouth was eating her, sucking at her lower lips, giving her aching pussy exactly what it craved.

 She was conscious of Kim’s body kneeling beside hers, of the blonde’s fingers twining themselves in her dark hair.  “Let me help,” she whispered.  “Let me make it good for you, like you did for me…”

She reached under Missy’s hips, feeling for her clit as Bill’s lips and tongue did their work.  Missy knew he would make sure she would take a long time to cum, just as usual.  But she didn’t mind a bit.




** END **