Bangers for Breakfast

This story was requested by a heterosexual male with cross-dressing tendencies. He was very drawn to gothic settings and wanted to be in a situation where there were mistresses and those who served them. Young Jasmine can't be expected to anticipate the kind of demands her employer, Lady Ann, will place on her. Jasmine is in for quite a few surprises as she learns that no one in the mansion is quite what he/she appears to be.

Jasmine hummed softly as she peeled the moist potatoes. She was grinning, too, but didn't know it, so distracted was she by thoughts of Steve and their evening together. In every possible way, he made living under the same roof with the tempestuous Lady Ann almost bearable.

She and Steve had met on her first day at Ravenheart, Lady Ann's secluded mansion on the chilly moors of Stonefield. Steve was the butler and supervised the kitchen staff. Jasmine was to report to him. After only days of silent, heated flirtation, he'd summoned her to his makeshift office one afternoon for a primal exchange of sensual pleasure. Respecting her youth and inexperience, he had explored her gently but thoroughly. He had licked, kissed and sucked Jasmine in places she had not realized could be so responsive. Dizziness threatened her balance as she thought about that first time. Her mind drifted to thoughts of his agile tongue between her legs and she felt her pussy lips pulsate with the memory. 

Since that first time nearly two weeks ago, she spent most nights in his bed. When sleep did come, it was the happy sleep of sexual exhaustion. She longed for him at virtually every waking moment and took no precautions to hide her feelings from the other staff. They seemed to be aware and even accepting of the relationship but never spoke of it to her or to Steve. They were older and Jasmine surmised that the affair simply held no interest for them.

The other maid, Helga, who was closer to Jasmine's age of nineteen, had only yesterday timidly offered her own opinion: "Watch the Lady doesn't get wind of it." Jasmine dismissed the warning as just part of Helga's cautious, fearful nature. Jasmine could think of no opportunity for Lady Ann to learn of her relationship with Steve, and certainly no reason for the lady to care. The separation between servants and the Lady loomed large and seemed to be assiduously observed by all parties.

She marveled at Steve's ability to see past Lady Ann's cruelty and view her with a compassion Jasmine didn't feel she deserved. Although the Lady provided well for her staff, she was frequently disrespectful and condescending toward them. Steve explained that she despised herself so much that she was unable to be kind to others. Jasmine could not understand how a wealthy woman could despise herself, but she was touched by Steve's sensitivity. Jasmine tried to remember his words whenever Lady Ann verbally demeaned her.

The chimes sounded in the kitchen, interrupting Jasmine's reverie. The Lady always seemed to sense when Jasmine was happy in her own thoughts and didn't want to be disturbed. She glanced at the clock and caught her breath. The time for Lady Ann's breakfast had come and gone fifteen minutes ago! The toast had sufficiently browned and was now quite cold, but the coffee sat steaming in its insulated carafe. The bell reminded Jasmine to check the sausage, which was fortunately just short of being overcooked. Jasmine arranged the food on the heirloom china and manipulated the linens into the magnificently overdone fan shapes that Lady Ann expected.

The tray was heavy and cumbersome, precluding any speed Jasmine might have hoped to attain in her delivery. She took the long, winding stairs to the second floor west wing two at a time, pulse pounding. Lady Ann would surely be displeased with her, which would probably inspire a barrage of insults.

Lady Ann's bedroom door was closed as always. All servants were required to knock before entering, even if they had been specifically summoned. Jasmine knocked dutifully, announcing the arrival of breakfast.

"Enter!" barked the Lady from behind the door.

Jasmine expected to see her mistress lounging in her massive, canopied bed, surrounded by feather-filled accoutrements. Instead, Lady Ann stood, feet apart, in the center of the room. Clad in a shiny black latex leotard, she looked even taller than her imposing 5'10" stature. Her firm, naked breasts protruded like angry battlements from cutouts in the garment. Over the leotard, she wore a harness acrosss her hips that supported a dildo bigger than any penis Jasmine had ever seen.

Lady Ann's calm expression discomfited Jasmine. The Lady worked the dildo like she'd been born with it, masturbating absently but deliberately. Her palm slid up and down the jelly cock slowly, each stroke more menacing than the last. Jasmine swallowed nervously.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Lady Ann. I hope you can forgive me."

Lady Ann grinned with one side of her crimson mouth. "I don't forgive servants. Ever." One long, slow stroke of the dildo seemed to emphasize her point. "But I make sure they never forget their transgressions."

Jasmine stared, trembling. The Lady continued.

"You like men, don't you sweetheart? Nice big, hard cocks?"

Tears brimmed in Jasmine's stinging eyes. She nodded but could not hide her confusion.

"You're very young, though, aren't you? Maybe 19, I would say?"

Jasmine bobbed her head in assent.

"Ever had a hard cock up your ass?"

Jasmine blurted out a sob. She still held the tray, which now shook audibly.

"Put the tray down, you stupid girl! Then come here and suck my dick."

The thick dildo tasted only a little of rubber and Jasmine soon became accustomed to it. She nearly gagged on its length as her mistress forced her head forward to take in all of it. Jasmine smelled the hot, muskiness between the Lady's legs. She had never smelled another woman before and wondered if she herself smelled like the Lady. She had little time to dwell on her thoughts under the current circumstances, however. Abruptly, Lady Ann grabbed a handful of Jasmine's heavy chestnut hair and yanked her head back.

"Now, we're going to see if your ass is as sweet as your mouth. Take your panties off and bend over."

Jasmine cried and followed orders. No sooner was her luscious backside sticking up in the air than Lady Ann inserted a well-manicured finger into her hot vagina and wiggled it vigorously.

"Ha! Your pussy's wet already! You do like cock, don't you?" Lady Ann's observation was undeniably true. Jasmine gushed between her legs in spite of herslef. And she hadn't even thought about Steve since she'd entered the room!

Lady Ann slid her index finger in and out of Jasmine's slippery cunt quickly, finger-fucking her while massaging her engorged clit. Jasmine swooned.

"Ooh, yes, bitch! I knew you'd like this, you little slut! But wait until my cock rams into your asshole. Then we'll see!"

She nudged Jasmine over to the elaborately appointed bed, never ceasing her frigging and fucking. She slid her entire hand over Jasmine's pussy, coating it with the thick, fragrant juice. The aroma of Jasmine's young juices filled the room.

Jasmine steadied herself against the bed while she heard liquid being poured behind her. She dared not turn around or ask questions, but her mind reeled with possibilities. Prior to Steve, her sexual experience had been limited to missionary positions and some fellatio. Friends, though, told her that ass-fucking was ugly and painful. Lady Ann surely hoped to punish her if she planned to fuck her in the ass. She was so frightened she couldn't even cry. Her pussy was so hot under Lady Ann's fingers; it was hard to imagine that a horrible experience was to follow. 

Lady Ann's finger now drew back from Jasmine's steaming cunt and burrowed for her asshole. Jasmine wondered if the pussy juice on the lady's finger made it ease so smoothly into her virgin hole, but then realized that lady Ann must have poured something on her finger to make it feel like butter filling her up. Once inside, the finger wiggled about. Jasmine heard herself moan. The sensation of penetration and movement reverberated from the Lady's finger up through Jasmine's gut clear through her spine to the base of her brain. She shouldn't like this, she told herself. What would Steve think if he saw her now, allowing her ass to be penetrated by another woman? And that woman being the lady, no less! Would he still be able to excuse the Lady's penchant for punishment? If Lady Ann sought to punish her, this humiliation should be disgusting, Jasmine thought. Unconsciously, she rocked her behind in tandem with Lady Ann's skillful finger as it slid in and out of her. Jasmine felt like she had a pulsating piston in her ass. She despised herself for enjoying this even more than the Lady's finger in her pussy. Maybe she deserved this punishment, after all.

The probing finger abruptly stopped and Jasmine wanted to cry out in protest. Then she felt her cheeks being spread wide open. The jelly rubber dildo invaded her gaping, hungry hole violently and Jasmine screamed in pain.

"Take it, bitch! Take my cock!"

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Jasmine wanted to faint from the pain, but fear kept her on her feet. The dildo had plunged only halfway into her dark, raw tunnel. Even the abundant lubricant couldn't mitigate the sheer size of the monstrous jelly cock.

Lady Ann's hands gripped Jasmine's hips firmly and squeezed as the dildo penetrated deeper. Was she being ripped open? Jasmine called out a second time, nearly blind now with pain.
When she could no longer fixate on the cock's painful intensity, her body metamorphosed into numbness. She was a pool of vague, swirling sensations that seemed without origin or destination. She remained too fearful to pass out, so she stood there, vacillating between dizzy and comatose.
And then, just before the point of utter capitulation to her pain, her sphincter relaxed and admitted the enormous girth and length of the intruder. The rest of her body was suddenly at sublime attention as the dildo foraged its wicked path up her anus.

Lady Ann pumped Jasmine's primed ass relentlessly, jamming the firm rubber cock deeper with each thrust. Jasmine's body trembled as it absorbed thousands of orgasmic shocks. Her body twitched, writhing in sensations that spun her brain around the room. With an appetite that centered somewhere in her very core, her wide-open ass voraciously consumed the cock. She'd never been hungrier for anything in her life.

"Does Steve ever do this to you, honey?" Lady Ann demanded between assaults.

"No! No!" Jasmine responded breathlessly, unable to stop jamming her ass into the dildo.

"Well, he will now. Come on Steve, ass-fuck your little darling."

Jasmine staggered, groping feverishly for a necessary consciousness. Steve was here? Lady Ann slid the dildo out as Jasmine looked wildly about the room.

At the door stood a figure dressed in a cobalt blue sequined mini dress and a white marabou jacket. The legs were hairy but fairly shapely, thanks to the black patent pumps. Jasmine gasped only when she saw the blue eyeshadow and fuschia lipstick Steve wore.

"Fuck her in the ass like you've been doing to me all these years!"

Steve walked around behind Jasmine, who was still bent forward, and massaged her warm, quivering behind.

"You're going to like it, Jasmine. You'll see," he said tentatively.

"She's done it to me already! Why are you here?" Jasmine heard herself whining, whimpering. Her voice seemed to belong to someone else.

Lady Ann laughed aloud. "What's the matter, sweetcakes? Does it bother you that he's better accessorized than you are??" Her laughter turned to hysterics. Jasmine felt as if she had wandered into someone's nightmare. Lady Ann walked over to Jasmine and pulled her upright by her hair. Her steely blue eyes bored holes through Jasmine. 

"You seem incredulous, little girl. So, I'm going to have you watch him fuck my ass. Then you'll know why you'll never be enough for him. Sit over there by the closet and pay attention."

Jasmine's cunt was still incredibly wet and she was surprised at her own disappointment at not being able to participate. Even in a dress, Steve made her hot. She didn't want to watch him; she wanted to fuck him. Nevertheless, she stumbled to the designated chair.

Lady Ann brutally ripped open the rear seam of her leotard, tearing the entire crotch wide open. She squatted in front of Jasmine and licked her middle finger. Then, she slowly stuck it up her waiting asshole, never taking her eyes off Jasmine. She slid her finger in and out the way she had finger-fucked Jasmine's ass. After a minute or so, she rose, walked over to Steve by the bed and bent over, holding open her torn crotch.

Jasmine dutifully watched Steve hike his dress over his raging hard-on, licking his painted lips at the sight of Lady Ann's waiting flesh.

Jasmine then watched Steve, her Steve, push his formidable meat into Lady Ann's accommodating, responsive ass. They pumped each other like the feral creatures they were, yelling out their pleasure, filling the room with their untamed, pungent odors. Steve's nearly purple member seemed bigger than Jasmine remembered, but she recognized the ecstatic expression on his face. He paid no attention to her now as he banged his cock into Lady Ann, grabbing her ass with one hand and squeezing one of her impertinent tits in the other.

Lady Ann was now oblivious to everyone in the room except herself. She shoved her ass into Steve's prick with single-minded abandon. She threw her weight toward him each time he rammed into her. Sounds emerged from her throat that seemed to emanate from some non-human source.

As her hungry asshole attempted to devour Steve's rod, her hand whipped furiously at her own clit. Lady Ann's sleek body undulated with each orgasmic wave, riding it to new heights by constantly playing with her pussy. When rubbing her clit took her to one level, she yanked off the dildo she had used on Jasmine. But rather than remove the condom and use it on herself, she tossed it into a corner of the room, pulled out its twin from somewhere under the mattress, and stuffed it into her cunt. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she alternated Steve's cock in her ass and the dildo in her hot pussy.

Jasmine's heart raced as she imagined what it must feel like to be fucked from both ends. Having just experienced the heady ecstasy of ass fucking, the thought of that sensation enhanced by a big dick in her pussy was inconceivably hot. She watched Lady Ann and Steve and frigged her own clit, unconcerned with being caught. She sat with her legs wide and pussy dripping, beating her own slippery meat.

As Lady Ann yowled her third orgasm, Jasmine silently convulsed in her own. Steve saw her come and wagged his tongue at her in a gesture that suggested he wanted to eat her. In response, Jasmine grabbed her own tits and squeezed them, still vaguely unsatisfied. Lady Ann's preoccupation with her own pleasure allowed this exchange to go unnoticed by her.

Finally, Steve stood very erect. His final thrust shot his thick load into the condom he wore inside Lady Ann's steamy hole. He and Lady Ann shouted in unison, then collapsed on the bed.

Jasmine's composure returned slowly and she got up to put her panties on. From the bed, Lady Ann rolled her head in Jasmine's direction. The women exchanged suspicious gazes before Lady Ann spoke. "What time must breakfast be served, Jasmine?"

"Eight o'clock, ma'am."

"Yes. You see what happens when it's late."

Jasmine slipped out, trying to decide whether she'd just been punished.

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