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10 Feb 2015

One way or another, this Saturday will remain in your memories for a long time.  To assure that it's in a good way, mezmerize your lover with the most thoughtful, romantic, stimulating gift ever!  Why not order a custom lurid story to set the mood this Valentine's.  After all, fantasies can become reality!  There's still time for a quickie if you order before midnight Wednesday! 

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Want to see what it's all about?  Here's a sample from last year.  Enjoy!

-- Thanks for your interest. --   JJ Lovell     CustomEroticaSource.com

Bring Your Fantasies to Life

Valentine Surprise

By Kendra Wayne

I put the final touches on the bedroom decorations, then stepped back to check my handiwork.

It was Valentine’s Day, and I wanted everything to be perfect.  I was nervous and excited in equal measure.  I wanted to give my boyfriend Jeff a special gift…a night to remember.

We’d talked about having a threesome—usually in bed, as dirty talk.  It made Jeff so hard when he fantasized about me with another woman, and I had to admit it made me wet, too when he described it in detail.  Now I was going to make the dream a reality.  I’d asked my friend Nikki to join us.

Jeff and I both thought Nikki was incredibly sexy.  At five-foot-six, she’s two inches taller than me.  She has small, tight breasts—a nice contrast to my own D cups—and a delectable heart-shaped ass.

I took a deep breath, let it out.  I brushed a hand over my own breasts.  My nipples were already peaked, tingling with anticipation and arousal.

The room looked great.  I’d lit some candles, but also turned on smaller lamps: We’d all want to see each other.  Fresh sheets on the bed.  The box of sex toys on the nightstand. Restraints hooked to the columns of the four-poster bed, just in case, but draped out of sight.  Nikki had said “maybe” to those.

The doorbell rang and I hurried to answer it.  It was Nikki.  Her blond hair was loose around her shoulders, and she’d slicked her full lips with a red gloss.  Her green eyes sparkled as she hugged me.

“I’m looking forward to tonight,” she whispered in my ear.  Her hand trailed down my back, over the curve of my ass, and I shivered with delight.

We’d started on a bottle of wine when Jeff arrived, bearing red roses.  I felt a little thrill, as I always did, when I saw him.  His dark hair and brown eyes always get my juices flowing.  Tall and thin, he wore jeans and a black shirt that set off his olive skin tone.  He cocked his head in curiosity when he saw Nikki, obviously not expecting to see company on a holiday usually reserved for couples.

“We’re your Valentine’s present!” Nikki announced with a grin, before I could say anything.  Then she turned and drew me into a searing kiss.

I hadn’t known what to expect from tonight’s first girl-on-girl kiss, but Nikki was clearly happy to take the lead.  Her lips were soft, her tongue darting in to meet with mine.  She drew back and licked the pale pink birthmark over my lip.  “Devil bite,” she murmured.  “So sexy.”

I moaned, imagining that kitten tongue on my clit.  Nikki’s hands caressed my breasts, gently pinching my nipples through the light fabric of my t-shirt and satin bra.

We broke apart, gasping, and looked at Jeff.  He had an impressive bulge in his jeans.  I smiled, glad he was enjoying the view.

“You’re both so fucking hot,” Jeff said.  “I want to see more.” He held out his hands and led us to the bedroom.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do next, but Jeff and Nikki solved the problem for me.

“Strip each other—slowly,” Jeff ordered.

“With pleasure!” Nikki said.  She peeled my t-shirt off, bending to bite my nipples through my bra.  My panties flooded with moisture.  I returned the favor, tossing Nikki’s shirt aside (she didn’t need a bra) and licking her pert, rosy nipples.

“That feels so good!” Nikki moaned, tangling her fingers in my blond hair, and her response thrilled me.

“Nikki’s our guest,” Jeff said.  “Go down on her, make her come.”

I love it when Jeff gets aggressive and commanding!

Nikki lay back against the pillows and I crawled between her spread legs.  I could smell her spicy-sweet arousal and I was fascinated by her pink butterfly folds and the way her clit peeked out.  I was still a little nervous, but then I thought about how Jeff loves, loves, loves going down on me.  Could I make Nikki come as hard as Jeff makes me come with his mouth and hands?

I buried my tongue between her slick lips, flicked my tongue against her clit just the way I liked Jeff licking me.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” Jeff growled.  “Taste her, lick her.  Now slide a finger inside her.”

I did.  Nikki squirmed against it, gasping “More!”

“Give her more,” Jeff agreed.  “Two fingers—three.  Fuck her with your fingers while you suck on her clit.”

I plunged three fingers into my friend and felt her clit grow between my lips.  Then she shrieked with delight, her inner walls clenching around my fingers.  I felt my own pussy clench with excitement, too—not quite an orgasm, but close.  It made me so hot to make her come, and I grinned triumphantly as Nikki pulled me up to kiss her, licking her own juices from my face.

“So hot,” Jeff groaned.  “Fuck, yes!”

“You should join us,” Nikki purred.  “No fair us having all the fun.”

“Absolutely,” I said.  “It’s his Valentine’s present, after all.” And mine, I thought happily, pleased with myself.

Jeff was already naked, his thick cock standing proud.  “That was naughty of you, though,” he said.  “Making these plans without telling me.” Without warning, he pulled me over his lap.  “She likes to squirm,” he said to Nikki.  “You’ll have to help.”

My cheeks burned as Nikki wrapped her hands around my wrists.  Getting spanked in front of my girlfriend was humiliating—and amazingly exciting.  I was already so horny from kissing her and going down on her.

I love being teased, and being spanked drives me crazy with desire.  I wriggled and kicked as Jeff’s hand came down on my vulnerable ass again and again.  To make it worse, he kept up his filthy talk, occasionally pausing to dip his hand between my thighs and announce how wet I was.

Finally he told me to lie back on the bed.  I did, my warm ass cooled by the sheets.  Before he buried his face in my cunt, he told Nikki to play with my nipples, adding that I liked it rough.

Oh, heaven! Nikki was pinching and biting my nipples while Jeff’s talented tongue brought me closer to the edge.  He knew me too well, though—he knew just how to keep me on that edge.  I was desperate to come, so much so that I was babbling and begging.

Finally he took pity on me.  He licked harder, thrusting his fingers into me and filling me up.  Too much sensation—his tongue, his hand, Nikki’s hands and teeth—and I screamed as I came, shuddering.

“Good girl,” Jeff said.

“She is, isn’t she?” Nikki said, and I blushed.  But I was still so turned on, I didn’t care.

Jeff instructed us to both lie back on the bed.  He buckled my right hand into a restraint; the other end was fastened to the bed.  He did the same with Nikki’s left hand.  Then he tied our other hands together.

“We’re going to play a game,” he said.  “I’m going to lick both of you.  The first girl who comes, wins.”

Devious! I was still coming down from my orgasm, whereas Nikki had had more time to recover.  But Jeff knew me, knew how to push my buttons, so to speak.

Plus he kept up a litany of dirty talk as he alternated between us, and encouraged us to kiss, which he’d left us enough slack to do.  Between necking with Nikki and Jeff’s face in my crotch, I was soon quivering on the edge, but not quite there…not quite yet…so close….

Nikki shrieked, her hips pumping as she came, winning the bet.  Jeff hadn’t said what the winner would receive…but we soon learned.  Jeff lay back and instructed Nikki to sink down on his massive erection.  I wasn’t left out, however: Jeff’s love of licking pussy meant that my job was to sit on his face.  The best part was that Nikki and I could kiss and play with each other’s breasts while she posted up and down on him and I rocked back and forth on his amazing tongue.

It was my turn to come again, grinding down on Jeff’s face, and then with a hoarse cry he shot his load into Nikki.

I didn’t need the suggestion.  I dove right in and licked Jeff’s come out of Nikki, bringing her to yet another climax.

That made Jeff hard again—big surprise!—and we kept going long into the night.  The highlight was when Jeff tied me on my hands and knees.  In front of me lay Nikki, her pussy ripe for my enjoyment.  When Jeff plunged into me from behind, his thick cock finally inside me, I howled my pleasure, knowing how much he liked to watch his penis thrust in and out of me.

Dawn was creeping on the horizon when we finally collapsed, Jeff in the middle, Nikki and I curled up on either side of him.  As I drifted off to sleep, I whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Happy indeed!


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